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You Think You Got It

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Members: 4
Members Names:
gary neville-vocals, simon masterson-drums, david duffy- bass, conor muldowney-guitars
the who, jethro tulll, jimi hendrix, jeff buckley

contact name:david duffy
phone: 0879407230
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We have been properly together for almost a year now. Although the original line up has changed in the past few months,
We started off with just three people in the band with no bassist, only two of the original people are in he band at the moment Gary Neville (vocals) and Simon masterson (guitar originally/drums now) we tried out a number of bassists, but none of them worked out. Then David Duffy tried out and it seem to just click. Later on a drummer joined and we finally had a full 5-piece band.
We first played covers but swiftly moved on to our original songs, after a few local gigs we recorded a three track demo at origin studios, which included, D-Start, Psychedelia and You Think You Got It.
Shortly after we recorded our demo, our rhythm guitarist left followed by our drummer.
So it was back a three piece band this time with no guitarist as Simon moved towards the drums as he felt his presence belonged there. We tried out numerous amounts of guitarist and eventually found the perfect match in a young Conor Muldowney (Henry).
This is now the band we have today and are content being a 4-piece band and are confident we can only get better.
*news* We have just gig tested a lot of new material and it has gone down alot beter than expected , so expect to hear it again , cheers

Our influences are different throughout the band and each member has his own style of music,
Our influences are as follows;
Conor’s influences include Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher and Jimmy Page.
Simon’s influences include Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell and Ginger Baker
Duffy’s influences include John Entwhistle, Marcus Miller and jaco pastorius
Gary’s influences include Jeff Buckley, Bono and Eddie Vedder
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