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Letting Go Holding On
I quit
December in Monaco

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The Citadels Album Review
"The Citadels have the entire package. The lyrics are clever and powerful, demanding attention, with hints of Paddy McAloon circa Prefab Sprouts "Steve McQueen" in both the words and the vocal performance. The tunes are poppy and catchy. The performance and arrangements are nigh on flawless, the keyboards being a case in point. Arthur steers clear of the usual double-handed-chords-on-emotive-string-patch-blindly-following-main-chord-progression trick, preferring instead to use vintage sounds seldom heard anymore. Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hammond patches dominate and the melodies are exquisite, complementing the arrangements and never detracting from the overall mix. The well recorded drum kit that shows off Barry?s tasteful work on the hi-hats. Bass and guitars are both tastefully done, with some lovely funk chops."

"Water, Anchor, Shore" opens with a Rhodes chord sequence. "My ship sails, these waters run too deep. My anchor doesnt reach even when I want to stay." "The Pen in my Hand" has a ska feel with its little rim shuffles, Hammond organ and offbeat guitar. It?s a track about the conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind: "I tried to write the perfect plan but the ink just ran ?cos the pen in my hand just disagrees". "Letting go Holding on" is an anthem. The bass is the catalyst that establishes a groove and drives the rest of the band. There are little Deacon Blue moments where you hear the sheer enjoyment and passion in Aoife?s backing vocals. On "I Quit" the throbbing, relentless bassline generates a feeling of anxiety and restlessness which complements the lyrics perfectly. The intriguingly titled "December in Monaco" is a wonderful wistful little jazzy number that display how well Cormac and Aoife?s vocals complement each other. Her laconic dreamy performance underlays Cormac's."

Both the writing and the execution are exemplary and "The Citadels" have much to be proud of.

After much reflection, I have come to the conclusion that this is, so far, my favourite album of 2003.
Buy it.

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