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High Water

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rem, matthew ryan, bruce springsteen, bob marley, bob dylan, counting crows, leonard cohen etc

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Hey, there doesn't seem much point in pretending someone else is writing this for me so i'll avoid referring to myself in the third person. i'm 24 and am from derry. i've been playing the guitar for about ten years and started writing songs shortly after i began teaching myself to play. my early songs were mostly influenced by nirvana and pearl jam and the like but i soon realised that they really lacked the emotion of those two bands. i hadn't realised the value of honest lyrics until i started listening to counting crows and rem whose albums, august and everything after and automatic for the people respectively also helped me see how great acoustic instruments sound. i guess these bands along with some of the stuff i grew up listening to, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Paul Simon, Brice Springsteen (and the list goes on!!!) have been my biggest influences although i like to think that grunge left its mark on some of my songs! (though definitely NOT on High Water which hopefully you will be able to hear on this site) However, i listen to music from just about every genre and am hopefully influenced by it.

because i'm not in a band, i tend to get lumped into the singer/songwriter category but in truth it's not a label i care for as its become a genre of it's own in the last few years and people assume that all solo performers sound the same. hopefully when my album is finished, it won't fit in too comfortably with this label. 2 of my songs are featured on a compilation album of derry songwriters which is called The Link. i'm a little over halfway through making my first album which will be called morning light.
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