Connemara Stone Company. Since 1995. Based in Outside Ireland Celtic | Folk | Rock
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Wild West Wind
Give us a Stout
Wings of a Gull

Members: 5
Members Names:
Olaf Mesenbrock, Georg Spellerberg, Hans Steinforth, Michael Künzel, Ofri Pohl
U2, Runrig, Dubliners, Pogues und Guinness

contact name:Keith Bailey
phone: 0049-2361-14194
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The CONNEMARA STONE COMPANY have been together since 1995, and all played previously in various Folk-Rock Groups, which is soon obvious when you see them live on stage. Right from the start they decided to rearrange Traditional Celtic music into modern Folk-Rock songs and tunes. Apart from that, it was very important to them to bring Folk music to the younger generation.

To their surprise not only did the younger generation like their music. This was more as apparent as they played a concert with “Wishbone Ash?, the audience being (putting it mildly) a little bit older.

At the start of 96, and a change in the line-up, the Band persuaded Micheal Künzel (one of the best German Flute and Tin-Whistle players) to join the Band. It was at this stage that their own individual sound started to develop and just as important, the singer Olaf Mesenbrock started to gain the reputation as one of the best Folk-Rock singers on the German circuit.

They brought out their first CD “From Celtic to Rock? in the spring of 97 and spent the next two years playing up and down the country in Clubs, Pubs, Open-Air Festivals and Town Halls. The audiences soon realized that they had at long last found a Celtic Folk-Rock Band that, although they were Rockin’ it from town to town, hadn’t forgot their Celtic Roots.

1998 saw the release of their second CD “For one Ireland?, which up till know has turned over about 4,000 copies. In that respect they enjoyed the admiration of many a Band in Europe. This year was also the year they started writing some of their own songs, and playing some of the larger venues, amongst others as support for “Stoppok? (a well known German musician), and as mentioned before with “Wishbone Ash?.

1999 + 2000 saw the Band playing on most of the major Folk Festivals and Open-Airs. Most of the two years they spent having a good time playing to an ever increasing Fan Club, especially when they were billed with fellow musicians such as “Fiddlers Green?, “Bardic?, “Claymore?, “Perfect?, “Lack of Limits? and “Tears for Beers?, to mention a few.

2000/2001 was the year that Connemara concentrated on writing new material. In this period two of their most popular songs were written, “Cast a cold eye? and “Maid on the Shore?. On St. Patrick’s Day 2001 their third CD was recorded live at a Gig in Mülheim (Germany). From the three hour program 12 Songs were selected for the new CD, including their latest song “Wild West Wind?, and was released in July 2001. The year 2001 ended with a bang, as they were asked to play for VW (the car people) just before Christmas. They agreed of course, and the concert put the finishing touch to a successful year.

2002 – The Band were on the road most of the year. At the same time they were in Studio again where their first single was produced. “The Boys from the Ruhr?, which was basically just for fun. Surprisingly enough it was quiet a success with our Fans, and was billed as “The Summer Hit? on a couple of Radio stations.

2003 – Was time for taking a deep breath and working on new songs, or giving the “Connemara? touch to old material we had discovered. We were still on the road up to the end of November. After that we disappeared into “The Hole?, our practice room to start work on the new CD, which was released in July 2004.

2004 / 05 - The Band is on the Road most of the time.

The new CD “Birds & Beasts? - recommended by GUINNESS

Further CD’s:
“ From Celtic to Rock ?
“ For One Ireland ?
“ Live in Ringlokschuppen ?
“ The Boys from the Ruhr ?
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