Confused illusion. Since 2002. Based in Cork Singer/Songwriter | Indie | Folk
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Sean Parsons - vocals,acoustic & electric guitars
Elliot Smith, Badly Drawn Boy, Manic Street Preachers, The Libertines, John Lennon, Ryan Adams

contact name:Sean Parsons
phone: 0876405042
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i started guitar as a means of escaping the reality that surrounded me back in 1999,i found it hard at first,but with persistance began progressing gradually,eventually i decided i didn't want to be the next Satriani or Hendrix-i just wanted simple melodies to accompany my thoughts which i had translated into words.i was in various local Rock/Blues bands in my early teens,but found that i was wasting valuable time on people who were less serious than i was.after listening to acts such as Elliot Smith & Jeff Buckley i decided to go it alone & maybe eventually find a reliable backing band(which i have yet to find),ive recorded a few poor quality demos on analogue cassette,and due to financial difficulties have yet to invest in some decent digital equipment/software.i prefer to keep the badly recorded tapes to myself as a way of analysing the pro's & cons of my work. of course this doesn't help in any way to get gigs but soon i shall have the equipment i so desperately the moment the music is flowing(im in college so i have the time to pen about 3-4 quality songs a day(depending on how many lectures i skip!)my lyrics are loosely based around everyday experiences/observations with the added spice of politics (criticisms of the current Government-i.e Bertie Ahern being a langer etc...)at the moment ive got about 12-15 original tracks and a select few covers,ive had some gigs supporting local bands pospned in recent weeks,so i could play a set tomorrow if it were available!i think my advantage in this situation is that im fully aware of my weaknesses and i know ive got a shitload to learn about life & music if want to make it.
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