Colette Kavanagh. Since 2005. Based in Kildare Singer/Songwriter | Folk | Melodic Pop/Rock
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Further Down The Line

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Colette Kavanagh/Vox
Country/rock influences i.e. Johnny Cash, Shania Twain, Steevie Nicks, Norah Jones

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A native of County Kildare, Ireland, grew up listening to Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and other music legends as her father played piano and her mother sang along. Taught dancing and singing from a young age, her appetite for performance was whetted when she appeared in several shows in the Olympia and Gaiety Theatres in Dublin. Colette’s love for music never died and after working in an office all day, nights were spent writing songs, winning karaoke competitions and taking part in amateur stage productions.

In October 2005, Colette completed a ten day tour of Ireland “Tribute to Johnny Cash” with the guitar legend Bob Wootton, (lead guitarist for Johnny Cash for 33 years). She has been a guest at several country music shows and in February 2006 received an award for “Best Local Talent 2006” and also received a lot of air-play of her music nationwide. In May 2006, Colette began recording her first album in Ashtown Studios, Dublin under the guidance and help and production of well known Dermot Lambert formerly lead singer of Dublin band Blink. She also received a lot of help and musical direction from Dave Browne (who plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar and mandolin on the album) and who has worked with Terry Woods, George Murphy, Sinead O’Connor, The Dubliners and many more great Irish musicians and singer/songwriters. Colette has written 5 tracks herself on the album and covered a couple of country/folk songs (including a song written by Dermot Lambert "Hotel Motel") and also another song by Emmylou Harris. Colette is currently receiving a lot of airplay of her new songs “Further Down the Line” and “Loving You” on Dublin’s Country 106.8 FM and Kildare’s KFM and is also enjoying gigging around Dublin and surrounding counties promoting her new album singing alongside George Murphy and The Sullivan Brothers (of RTE show You’re a Star).
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