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Danny Boy

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Christiane Cargill - Lead Vocals & Piano / Christo Pellani - Drums & Percussion; Carter Dewberry - Cello; Rebecca Kleinmann - Irish Flute; Paul McIntire - Violin
Loreena McKennitt, Kate Bush, Sarah McLachlan, Young Dubliners, Makem & Clancy, Sinéad O

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Christiane Cargill (lead singer and songwriter for the band Riddle the Sphinx) is launching her first solo project, in which she will explore her Scottish and Irish heritage.

She says, "On this project, I've stepped back from the full band sound, as I wanted to make an intimate recording, capturing the mood and feel of Ireland and Scotland, and what those places have meant to me."

The decision to make a Celtic album came from the overwhelming response she received on her version of "Danny Boy," which was offered as a bonus track to people who pre-ordered the full-length Riddle the Sphinx CD, "Fun House." "I've been performing a few of the Irish songs at a gig here and there, and I'm really excited about the responses we've heard; people really seem to connect with these traditional songs, and as an artist, it's a wonderful challenge to take these songs and try to make them my own." In addition to traditional songs, the new recording will feature four original songs, written in the Celtic style.

Christiane is collaborating with engineer and producer David Peters on the recording. You can expect to hear piano & vocals, cello, electric violin, and flute, as well as percussion from RTS bandmate Christo Pellani (who even breaks out the spoons for a few songs!)

Christiane was recently featured in Glamour Magazine's 2005 Woman of the Year issue, and honored with the Toyota Moving Forward Award for bringing music and art therapy to at-risk children, while driving her own inner passion for music. A fiery redhead and classically trained pianist since age three, Christiane loves to try new things, such as scuba diving, indoor skydiving, hang-gliding, and firewalking, to name a few. So its no surprise that this passion for life comes out in her music. She also co-founded the non-profit organization HeARTS Giving Hope.

After recently opening for the Young Dubliners, Christiane says "I've got the bug for it now. I've always been in love with Celtic music, and I'm really looking forward to jumping into this project with both feet!"
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