Christ With A K. Since 2003. Based in Cork Singer/Songwriter | Alternative Rock | genre
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The Cheese Sandwich
The yoda Song
The Goblin Story

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David Duff-guitar,vocals
Flaming Lips, Stephen Lynch, Kings Missile, Douglas Adams, Hunter S. Thompson, Bill Hicks, Tenacious D, Bill Bailey, Clem Snide, Camera Obscura, Eels, Billy Connelly,

contact name:David Duff
phone: 0879535788
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Well my name is David Duff and I had an entire Bio typed out yesterday but those retarded computers in LIT broke down or as people in the know would say they 'crashed' C**ting things. I'm Christ With A K, don't be off put by the name I have no affiliation with anything Christian, besides taking the mickey out of it, which is something the Church should've done a while back. Its not just religions that are victims of my songs I also take the piss out of woman, men, condoms and having a tiny penis! (I don't really though its actually big) I've been playing for a few years now, in truth I can't really remember how long. It seems that whenver I sit down to write a song, which actually never happens they always just come to me, they always wind up being of a comical nature! Though I do tend to pen the odd serious one! I haven't got to play as much gigs as I have hoped to this year due to work commitments! But that will change next year hopefully considering the fact that I have my album to launch, although generally they launch rockets mine is going to be more of getting in the car driving to the shop and getting the paper low key affair, I also have my new guitar. Well I will have it by then its gorgeous and I very much look forward to getting my hands upon it. I have a website though it has yet to be completed its mostly there. Also I have a myspace link I have an album recorded I'll be mastering it next week or the week after and thereafter getting it mass produced I'm thinking of a figure of 1000 with a bit of luck I'll shift em'. Half will probably wind up posted around to radio stations and venues and people and bands and other things like that. I recorded it in Clay Castle Studios in Youghal Cork, cheers Warren! There was another member of the band, it wasn't always just me, but he no longer wishes to play which is cool with me I don't mind. Coincidently I hit him in the head with a 6 iron at a driving range. It was an accident but to the lamen may seem a little suspicious. Sorry Sam the scar makes you look cool though! Well there ya go theres a quick Bio sort of, with no paragraphs thereby making it all the more daunting to read, I'll be honest I rarely read other peoples so if some actually reads this I'll be a small bit amazed, REALLY I will. E-mail me at or to tell me you did and I'll congratulate you, hell, give me your address and I'll post you a free cd! I promise I really will. Thats how greatful I'll be!
David Duff AKA Christ With A K
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