Charco Bernard. Since 2006. Based in Dublin Singer/Songwriter | Blues/Rock | Soul
'Charco Bernard' on IrishUnsigned music:
Little Prison In My Heart
She Sent Me Running
By The Old Liffeyside
I Cant Flee

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Charco Bernard
Bag Of Nails Billings

contact name:Ciaran Bernard
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What a load of god dam shit,i mean, jesus fucking christ whats goin on. A knife in the back is only around the god dam corner on a busy night out. Instead of goin into town to a nightclub Youd be better off goin to a knitting club. But the scene here is really pumping at the moment. Dublin looks great. All the new bars springing up and all the flowers in the green on a lovely cold winters morning, thats the global warming but we wont get into that now ha ha ha fucking haha, thats another issue haha. The north my jeasus if they dont get that fucking stormant power sharing government sorted were fucked. sinn fein will go mad and the dup wont be happy with them for it and all that god dam mon gordon brown promised will go down the tubes, but sure where would ye gesh ish hu? hahaha and the league of Ireland wha, sure the oul soccer summers goin great, 200 in talka there last week, sure even when they redevelop that place no one will go, propably nor even the builders wha, ha ha haaaaaaaaa as for the music, sure now Wasnt this place always banging for the beats be jesus shes a fine ting der yer one beside me here in the oul cafe, ill have te let an oul fart te stop meself gettin a stalker! je here there bringing back the liffey tram, and they reackon coming up te oul easter der, theres no such thing as the last supper and jesus died on the cross, hu? but sure there ye have ish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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