Celtic Legacy. Since 1997. Based in Kildare Heavy Rock | Heavy Metal | Celtic
'Celtic Legacy' on IrishUnsigned music:
Live By The Sword
Children Of The Sky
Sloidephuch Doin
When A Stranger Comes

Members: 5
Members Names:
Dave Morrissey - Guitar, Dave Boylan - Bass, Conor Gillen - Drums, Keith Hendley - Guitar, Ciaran Ennis - Vocals
Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Gary Moore

contact name:Dave Morrissey/Vladimir Hrubik
phone: n/a
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Celtic Legacy formed in 1997 after it's founder members spent a full year writing and recording new material. Early the following year the band self-financed their eponymous debut album. Using funds made from the release of that album Legacy recorded a follow up in 2003 entitled "Resurrection" which was acclaimed worldwide as one of the best Irish albums of all time. This was remarkable given that it was released without any record contract but suddenly the band's profile was elevated considerably.

Despite numerous line-up changes, the band continue to write and record exceptional music and a third album is due for release in late 2006, once again using their own limited resources. This album is sure to eclipse the two that preceded it and the furute looks bright for this band nearly 10 years after their formation.
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