Cat Malojian. Since 2003. Based in Armagh Folk | Singer/Songwriter | genre
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Members: 2
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Stevie Scullion - Vocals and Guitar; Jonny Toman - Banjo, Guitar, Piano, Mandolin...
The Beatles, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Sufjan Stevens

contact name:Stevie Scullion
phone: 07940261784
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Cat Malojian are a 2-piece band from Lurgan in Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, consisting of Stevie Scullion and Jonathan Toman.

They have been playing music together since meeting at University in 1999, though this was more often an excuse to party than to play. The last 3 years, however, has seen them focus their efforts more seriously and develop their sound as well as their live show and has resulted in their debut release in June 2006, the "Life Rolls On E.P.".

Cat Malojian aim to self-finance their own recordings and are hoping to shift enough copies of each release to fund the next one and so on - so with your support and an ever growing catalogue of songs, they hope to be around for a very long time (even if not that many people know about them!).

The "Life Rolls On E.P." was recorded with Mudd Wallace at Homestead Studios, Randalstown, Northern Ireland.

Cat Malojian are currently looking for distribution deals.

You can now purchase our Debut release "Life Rolls On E.P." by contacting us through or at any of the places below:
Discs Records, Market St., Lurgan
The Rusty Zip, Botanic Ave., Belfast
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