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March of Mechadonk (The ultimate donkey)
I?ll do it Tomorrow

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Carraig started out as two friends Al and Richie one wanting to challenge himself with a new instrument (Richie- Drums) and one wanting to learn an instrument simply because he has music inside him he wanted to get out, Not forgetting the whole get drunk rock and roll stuff either.

The rules were simple. There were none. After recruiting Al's younger brother Andrew 'Chubbs' Colohan on guitar and old dear friend(fiend?) Shane Foley on Vocals the initial line up was complete. So we went about working up a set list as quick as possible, consisting of Acrimony, Kyuss and SloBurn songs. Sadly due to other commitments Shane couldn't stay in the band, so we recruited Eoghan Vaughey as the next singer, he had the right voice and more importantly the same laid back attitude the rest of us possessed.

We did our first gig after 2 months, a considerable feat considering we were barely able to play but we pulled it off somewhat. That was the initial goal achieved.

The next goal was to write songs, surprisingly this process came about rather easily and after 6 months we went in and recorded our first demo. 'too good for your own good' was a homemade affair and was done with Fred Mejer at Boyne recording studios in Slane. We spent a grand total of 8 hours recording and mixing 4 songs plus one Metal Moment(17 seconds of all out metal). The sound was adequate but gave us a hunger for more. After some good reviews and one not so good one, the main thing we kept hearing was "Can't wait to see what they come out with next". We then decided that a whole album was the way to go..

After some support slots and headline gigs with some friends, We went into the studio and recorded the album haymaker in four days with Brian 'Boris' O'shea at the helm of the desk this time. Art work was done by Wille from Sunride which we gratefully found through Jochen from Daredevil records. The whole album was self financed and is now available.
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