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A fresh sound from Ireland where traditional tunes are blended with songs crafted in a furnace of emotional turmoil.

Contemporary music has been around for a long time. The 20th Century, like any century has embraced ancient sounds. Few cultures have ever been aware of this process, latching onto another rhythm and turning it into the latest craze. From the ?twist? through to the big beats, it?s all been done. There are of course exceptions? Irish musicians for example have always been aware of their deep musical heritage.

The need to express feelings through the greatest communicator?music?has always been part of every note played. Caliban, no exception, know this well. They?ve been exponents of traditional Irish music for years and as performers they?ve also played some of the most pumping dance grooves ever to grace a set of speakers. Any record they?ve ever made was ?brimming with style and verve?, but it?s as a live unit that the true nature of this band emerges. This is what music should be like. This is what a contemporary band can do. This is what our history has taught us.

?The live power of Caliban?s music is their blend of menace and romance going hand in hand on an emotional knife-edge?a full force gale of giant proportions.?

It could be said that Einstein was good at math or perhaps Shakespeare could rhyme a couplet?
I?ve heard that Caliban can play a note or two...
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