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Cabrini Green recently emerged from behind the shadows of what may be called a music scene in Dublin Ireland. Cabrini Green is not scene but occasionally seen.

The musical manifesto is essentially an experimental one, drawing inspiration from a broad cross-section of cultural references somewhere between Mingus and Modigliani, fairly un-typical for what could best be described as a 5-piece atmospheric rock band.

Formed around a nucleus of the brothers Hickey (vocalist/guitarist Kevin, guitarist Brian) and pianist David Smith, they were soon joined by the subtle rhythm section of drummer Gavin Lang and bassist Mike Glennon.

Having spent the early part of 2002 defining their own sound the band have made selective (mainly low- key) live performances commencing with an opening slot for the Australian band The Church.

In the autumn of last year they retreated to Salt Recording Studio to create their debut EP. This initial offering is admittedly intense and cinematic at times. It is comprised of two songs and two instrumental pieces, which will introduce you to Cabrini Green's palette of sonic colours. The opening track, Driftin', has earned the band valuable airtime on Phantom FM.
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