Bushplant. Since 1992. Based in Clare Celtic | Rock | Reggae
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Mary Custy Interview plus Live at Roisin Dubh, Galway

Members: 4
Members Names:
Gerry Molloy - Vox and guitar, Mary Custy - fiddle, Andy Palfreyman - Drums, Joe Keane - Bass
Canned Heat, Horslips

contact name:Gerry Doyle
phone: 0879956659
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Bushplant are an Irish folk-rock band based in Ennis in County Clare that have been solidly gigging and recording for over 15 years.

With the inevitable lineup changes over the years they have seen many members come and go, but the present 4-piece lineup has remained consistent for quite a while now. Their fiddler Mary Custy is a world famous musician in her own right having several solo albums to her name, and has collaborated with many other well-known Irish and international acts. Mary has toured extensively as far afield as Australia, Switzerland, the UK and the USA, while Bushplant have appeared all over Ireland, in France, the Canary Islands, and the UK.

They have recorded 3 albums and several EPs and are digitally distributed via local label Ginger Jam Music and so are available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, 24-7, Audio Lunchbox and many others. Despite being approached by major labels they have chosen to remain at liberty to pursue their own way in the world. They had already served over 6,000 free downloads from their website and elsewhere prior to their distribution deal.

Bushplant are a highly experienced gigging band, playing professionally both as themselves and in various combinations on average twice a week, every week. Individual members are constantly sought after as guest musicians and sessionists for musical projects, and singer and frontman Gerry Molloy is acknowledged as a consumate showman and a true veteran of the music stage. They are also in constant demand for local festivals and alternative events.

The Bushplant sound is a unique combination of rock and folk. Irish and World traditional folk tunes furnished by Mary Custy are given an injection of rock and techno to produce an infectious and irresistible dance groove, while their original material reflects the breadth of sources drawn on by the other members, ranging as it does from Canned Heat, Neil Young, Rush, and Hawkwind and so also producing such musically diverse styles as reggae, techno and drum n bass.

Their latest album "Janus" has been so named to celebrate the way that their music is informed by the past while looking forward to the future at the same time, and the myriad dichotomies inherent in their entire makeup.

Their ethos has always been informed by a strong awareness of environmental issues, both local and global. They have contributed tracks to a fundraising album to help protect the local ecologically fragile Burren area, and this album "For Mullaghmore, The Sound of Stone" is still available globally after 10 years. The subject matter of many of their songs reflects these ongoing concerns of mankind’s effect on our planet.

Bushplant are managed and distributed by Ginger Jam Music.
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