Brian Moore. Since 6ish years ago. Based in Dublin Alternative Rock | Indie | Blues/Rock
'Brian Moore' on IrishUnsigned music:
The World is not Enough
Hydrogen Lady
Keep Waking (this song is changing all the time)


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Brian Moore, songwriter, singer, guitars; Gordon Moore, guitar; Dermot Moore, drums; Simon Moore, vocals
Love The Tragically Hip, Pink Floyd and alot of others. Been comapred to J.J. Cale, Dire Straits

contact name:Brian Moore
phone: 085-136-7589
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I began writing songs about 7 years ago. Nature and the music that made me feel good, and bad, inspired me to write. I began to learn guitar 15 years ago while my family was living in Canada. After writing with friends for a few years in Howth I decided to try and write exactly what i wanted to write. My family have been musicians for years, my uncle trained by Louis Stewart and my other uncle by Johhny Wadum. My Grandpa was/is a fantastic jazz pianist, my Father a blues rock pianist.My Grandma is a famous painter. So, my blood is full
of creative juices and my eye is that of the artist and philospher. There is some type of other-worldly connection with music that I cannot live without. I would love to make a living in this presently imprecation filled world by creating music and art. Anyone who likes my song 'The World is not Enough' can download it from
My current goal is to get into a top studio and cut a completely hiss free CD. Slainte.


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