Brian Breslin. Since '05. Based in Dublin Singer/Songwriter | genre | genre
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Snowflakes On The Evergreens (live)

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Brian Breslin - Vocals,Guitar,Drums
Declan O Rourke, Damien Rice, Duke Speial,bell X1,elliot smith

contact name:Brian Breslin
phone: 086 0707647
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hi all. well i guess this is where i get to talk a bit about name is brian breslin and i'm 21. i am originally from ballina, co mayo but am now living in dublin. i started writing i guess about a year ago. after spending my teenage years in bands i felt it was time to move on and do something i really loved. In this city i was never short of inspiration so the song list began to grow quite quickly, as did the fan base, something that brings a smile to my face every day. no matter what i do in life, i know it will not top having complete strangers singing, and even relating to something i wrote. keep an eye on my site for news,
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