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Brewster Hamilton is essentially a Rhythm n Blues Vocalist who has played many of Dublin's better venues within his debut year on the scene.

After playing support to Bluetide on countless occasions, Brewster collaborated with the band for a series of live shows under the billing of "Brewster Hamilton & The Bluetide Experience".

This venture resulted in well-attended shows @ Isaac Butt Store Street, Da2 Wexford Street and a healthy run in A1 Entertainment's Band Competition @ The Concorde.

During his time with Carpe D.M. (formerly D.M.), Brewster has gained various fans amongst the community for his powerful vocals matched with an array of easy listening songs tailor made to his voice.

Having his first On Stage session on NearFM 101.6 in May 2003, Brewster - who is also a confident MC/host - was a "Special Guest Diva" at Girl Power 2 in Isaac Butt (20/6/03) and his debut LP "Simple Reminders" is currently on sale
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