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Making it Big in America
Cry for Unity
Step Together
When Your Alone

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Brendan O'Loughlin's music is extremely difficult to label. Country - Rock - Irish - Folk - Pop - he does them all so well, intermingling the pieces and styles to suit the mood of his audience.
Brendan moved to America in 1986 to expand his career as an Irish entertainer. Performing not only Irish, but popular, rock n' roll, country and folk music in restaurants and clubs throughout the U.S. and Canada. His musical style is new, his musical experience is not. Brendan was born in Limerick City, Ireland. He reached his teenage years during the high point of the Irish showband era. He joined the showband circuit and played with a string of popular Irish showbands and excelled on vocals, bass and rhythm guitars. Brendan came into his own right as a songwriter in August 1993 and has been writing about his experiences ever since.
Today, Brendan lives in Phoenix Arizona and is still writing his own music and recording regularly.

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