Breeze Junkie. Since two years ago. Based in Wexford Blues/Rock | Ballad | Pop/Rock
'Breeze Junkie' on IrishUnsigned music:
All because of you
come on, come on
when this eagle takes to flight again

All because of you (live)

Members: 5
Members Names:
Michael J cloke, Donna Sludds, Pat Cushe, Bobby Sludds, Chris Sludds
Bryan Adams,Garth Brooks,Guns n roses,avril L, blondie, alanis morsette.

contact name:John Carr
phone: 0851422189
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With a desire to rock the world, i Michael j cloke started playing music from the age of twelve years of age, not really having a clue about music in the least, but from watching the great masters before me , made me determind and choose my path in life,not knowing then how hard or how difficult this would be but also alot of fun, not to metion the great people and musicians i was to meet on my conquest.
Ive never really received guitar lessons as such,just by hanging out with other musicians and taking interest in what they were doing
beleive me it was'nt to long before i was able to pick up on things. So finally after years of doing different things i got a two piece band together,then progressed onto a five piece.The five piece band started off as a local band playing all sorts of music in every venue that would take us,at that time we had no direction, then one night my girlfriend and i had a fight over something stupid,so just to avoid each other i went upstairs sat at the computer and started writing about what had just happened, this is how we came up with the single (all because of you) and from there the lyrics just kept comming.Some of our influence's would be Bryan Adams, Garth Brooks, Guns n Roses,Thin Lizzy,We do alot of charity gigs for the likes of Cancer, M.R.S.A, and other charities, we have had loads of news paper coverage and radio air time (thanks Tony, southeast radio).We have an upcomming gig on easter sunday in rosslare where we will share the stage with youre a star hopeful David O Connor, dont miss it, it will be kickin!!.So from here from here on in its onwards and upwards. Watch this space!
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