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Breakaway was formed in November of 2002 after two friends came together with the common goal of making music and showing the world their talents. Short a singer and anxious to begin, after much searching they found Anita, who has an amazing voice. The newly forming group wanted to get straight to recording, but because of prior commitments the trio decided to postpone recording and begin instead in February of 2003.
This decision worked out perfectly, because as soon as they appeared in an undisclosed location in West Cork, they recorded "Coming Up For Air," their first EP. The next eight months was filled gigging it around the West Cork/Cork circuit, where Breakaway got a lot of great feedback. The release plans were put into motion.
Lacking a steady Bass player, Breakaway decided to go on the search for someone to fill the position. It was a relatively short search because Breakaway fell across an Italian named Luca. Already an accomplished bass player, Luca brought the much needed dynamic to their sound. Having played with EXP in Italy, Luca already had the experience of touring, CD releases and regular gigging behind him. So, Breakaway went ahead and booked their gig schedule.
During the course of gigging Breakaway suffered a loss to the team. Their drummer left them to pursue other projects, so without missing a beat, Breakaway started searching for a new drummer. After months and many auditions they finally found Richard Vaughan, a drummer from Carrigaline who had already had experience in the music industry, playing with bands such as Cradle. Richard brought the spark to the band that they were lacking for the past few months and Breakaway was ignited with a new passion for music. Plans for the EP release kicked into high gear!
Of course, planning was intense leading up to the release of the EP. After meeting with graphic designers, reviewing the EP mixes, meeting with management advisors, booking venues, more reviewing the EP mixes, creating invites and listening to the final mix made for a busy few months as Breakaway made sure their first EP was what they wanted. The time was fast approaching and everything was almost set. The venue booked, the CD printed, the set rehearsed . . . the next step was the most exciting: to show up and play!
The release party was an undeniable success. Everyone who attended walked away with a free CD and a satisfied look, as though they had just witnessed the next big thing. "The wheels are turning" said Tom as he packed the last of the gear into the van, "and all we can do now is build on the motion". He wasn't wrong either! Breakaway has had much success since then and played several gigs at places such as An Phoenix, Rosies of Carrigaline and An Cruiscin lan.
"It's so exciting to see everyone loving something you wrote," Anita said as they settled down for a drink at the bar after the thrilling performance that accompanied the EP release. Everyone was buzzing from the party and delighted that it went down so well. Many compliments followed as Breakaway expanded their coverage in the music industry and the hunger for an album was born.
Shortly after the release of their EP, Breakaway spotted an advert for "A Band Apart" competition and, without haste, sent in a CD to the address on the advert. Shortly after sending in their CD they won a review in the Downtown section of The Examiner and were given an on air review and airtime during Green on Red on the local radio station RedFm.
Currently, Breakaway is working on new material for their upcoming album, "Falling from Trees." Writing and recording at a furious pace, Breakaway won't be falling out of the spotlight anytime soon. "Falling From Trees" is due to be released in the summer of 2006. Though spending much of their time in the studio, the band still aches to perform and continues to do a small amount of gigs to showcase their new material. The current momentum suggest that Breakaway is sure to be moving up the ladder very quickly over the next few years!
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