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Bluetide are a Blues band thats more than a Blues band. If you think of something like "The Commitments" and bring them up to date with the developments in the pop/rock arena, then Bluetide are the sort of thing that would be expected.

Not to suggest that I am right, or anything, but I would describe them as pop/rock/blues, rather than just blues.

Formed around Shane Smith, John McQuillan, and Jonny Doyle, Bluetide are a talented product of the Ballyfermot Rock School (or, as someone called it recently, "Dublins Motown").

When you listen to Bluetide, its apparent that they can play. Its pretty obvious that they can play technically well. Whats
not so obvious is their heritage or genre. On their website
( it simply states that they play original
Blues and Groove. There are hints, in the limited amount that I have heard, of a few styles and influences.

Its Blues, true, but not what the mainstream fan would call Blues. Its more like Rock Blues and Atmospherics.

There are hints of Thin Lizzy in there, hints of Dire Straits, hints of Sting, hints of plenty of other bands and, if anything,
it is difficult to pin this stuff down to Blues as that would be too limited a description. There are even hints of soundtrack about parts of the song "Who Will Follow", sounding a little like the haunting theme music from Inspector Morse, before launching
into a rock guitar solo in the vein of Lynnrd Skynnrd (who released the legendary Freebird, which, if you havent heard, you should).

Bluetide certainly have what it takes to make a good night out. From the bits I have heard, Bluetide have certainly got the material to produce and release something that would get noticed. My only criticism would be that the vocals are too prominent, but thats probably
as a result of the demo nature of the tracks I have heard.

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