Black Daisy. Since 2002. Based in Dublin Rock | Pop/Rock | Alternative Rock
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Times Up!
Take You Over

Take You Over

Members: 4
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L.A Halvey (vocals and bass guitar), Steff Caffrey (lead guitar), Nicole Billings (rhythm guitar), Asta Mileriene (drums)
Metallica, Nirvana, Kittie, Led Zeppelin,

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phone: 0857453756
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Black Daisy

From the ashes of a broken dream, through flames and fire with the passion for music and the will to survive, Black Daisy were formed. Lead singer L.A Halvey and lead guitarist Steff Caffrey stuck by each other through the ups and downs of the rock n roll business determind to find the best female musicians in Ireland to form the tightest female rock band in Ireland BLACK DAISY. L.A spent countless hours on searching for female drummers eventually finding kick-ass Lithuanian drummer Asta Milleriene and Steff being already firm friends wiith Nicole Billings hailing from Blessington in Co. Wicklow was more than willing to play rhtythm guitar in the band. The girls are currently gigging, rehearsing and preparing for an upcoming recording session in a couple of weeks and of course for World Domination!!!
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