Better Than Ed. Since many many years ago.... Based in Dublin Rock | Alternative Rock | genre
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Rob Power- Vocals and Guitar, Karl Hynes- Bass and Backing Vocals, Bren Gleeson- Drums
Better Than Ed are inspired by their fictional front man, mascot and general good luck charm- The Ed

contact name:Jan Hatton
phone: 087 24 27 954
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Congradulations for clinking onto BETTER THAN ED!!! We’ve very happy to have you hear and do hope you enjoy your stay!! Can we getyou anything to drink? Bren makes a fantastic cup of tea

Well kids, let us tell you a story while you’re here… a story of a band…. The greatest band that ever lived… but sadly they broke up, so lets talk about Better Than Ed!

It’s been six months since the lead guitarist of Dublin’s favourite loveable, lazy, unsigned, depressing band broke his wrist, sadly putting things on hold, but now we may actually be ready to take the world by storm this time around!

So without further delay... Let me reintroduce myself, The Rob or the great one as I like to be referred to. I’m the voice of BTE and, when I’m not suffering from broken limbs, the guitarist. BTE was born one day in back of my mind when I decided I was tired of my rule on the karaoke circuit and wanted more of a challenge!! But you are probably bored with me at this stage so; The drummer guy is Bren. Having enjoyed moderate success playing at his aunts birthday with Anionic- the pressure of performing at such an energetic level took its toll, sadly a band of their calibre could never have gone for long. So for a while Bren just "walked the earth" as he proudly puts it, until the call of B.T.E which has replenished his lust for life and drums. There was never going to be another choice...

This leads us to Karl, the bass guy, Formally of "the sticklebricks" What way can we say this... he wasn’t actually the first choice for us at all, we’re not actually sure he’s still the first choice for us, in fact he scares us most of the time... For the first month after the band formed he followed Bren around humming Better Than Ed songs, mimicking playing bass-clearly intending to influence our decision when the auditions came around. Sadly nobody took an active interest in bass and alas at this stage he knows where both of us live so it’s safer to just keep him on. The rumours that we aren’t actually going to plug him in on stage are completely unfounded.

We’ve had a couple good times playing together, making appearances on, headlining Whelans, the Village, the Sugar Club! And of course we’ve shown up in various other venues in Dublin, instruments in arm, ready to storm the stage if the opportunity is given. We just finished work on our demo “Everything is Alright” and we hope you enjoy it!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, That is us! If you have any questions what so ever, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Join with us and become a memeber of the Army of Ed!!!
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