AtmA. Since 2005. Based in Kildare Alternative Rock | Heavy Rock | Reggae
'AtmA' on IrishUnsigned music:
In the wave

Members: 4
Members Names:
Paul (Bass) Scott (Vocals) Clifton (Drums) Wayne (guitar)

contact name:Scott
phone: 0857622447
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AtmA originally formed under the concept of basic escapism through music, five freinds and a lot of time..seemed like the perfect plan. Well after a year or so of getting absolutely nothing done tempers became flared and the strain began to show. AtmA's first incarnation crashed and burned having played only one less than memorable show. Months passed and once again the primordial urge to make noise and the more modern idealism of experimentation took root in the minds of the four remaining members who were still on speaking terms and AtmA reformed themselves from the shards of something most would have to have called a waste of time into something which will hopefully bear some form of end product. The main influences from the bands formation were Tool, A perfect circle, Pearl jam, Alice in chains , and name only the front runners. The band set about their work with gusto and a genuine love for what they were doing and hope now that all the time and effort has at least been for something...
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