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Anthony Gibney (vocals, guitars, piano), Ross Nelson (bass), John Murphy (drums)
Tom Waits, Ray Charles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jeff Buckley, Nina Simone, Bruce Springsteen, the list goes on......

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Anthony Gibney first started writing songs at 11 years of age. After recording his first original composition on a cheap boom box, he continued to play in numerous groups and ensembles for the rest of his teenage years. While others in his class were getting into trouble for skipping school, bad language, the usual, Anthony played his first gig in school and things got a little out of hand, resulting in his guitar being confiscated!

Not one to let the grass grow under his feet, he first entered a recording studio at the tender age of 13. Not to be confused with the standard singer armed with acoustic guitar, Anthony goes beyond this theory playing different guitar styles combined with dark soulful lyrics. Performances vary from intimate soulful solo acoustic sessions and full on rock shows to alternative and eclectic
shows which have seen accompaniment from congas, clarinet and violin.

He is backed by The Durrty Stopouts who consist of Ross Nelson on bass and John Murphy on drums and percussion. Anthony will be releasing his new single "STANDING IN THE DARKNESS" in May 2008. Check out for tour details.
 To date, Anthony has shared the stage with Dave Geraghty (Bell x1), Kieron Black and The Amazing Few, Matt Lunsun and Steve Wall to name but a few. He has received considerable amounts of airplay stretching as far as Boston, USA. In April 2006, Anthony was filmed performing one of his songs by an Irish television crew for a series about Irish songwriters, which was aired in November 2006 on RTE 2. 

Anthony also has done session work for the likes of Lisa McLaughlin, Brian McGovern and Mags Buckley, with whom he got to support The Goo Goo Dolls, Jaymay and Something Happens to name but a few.
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