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Alan Tully is a Dublin based musician who crafts his songs with the loving care of a Bonzi-tree guru. And like a bonzi tree many of Alan's songs are about 1ft tall, a bit bristly and are best enjoyed on a Parisien balcony facing the Eiffel Tower drawing smoke from a long 'cigarette du menthe' and sipping gin and tonics with continental type models at ten in the morning!!! With his dulcet tones and knightly gallantry of yore, he shall sweep into your town and play for maidens in the park before wandering back into the the eternal misted dew of the morn!

Alan began to play gigs while living in Lyon, France in 2004 at Johnny Walsh's Irish Bar, sometimes accompanied by Californian jazz guitarist Vince Courtroy (formerly of EMP - Extreme Menstrual Pain (what a name!). He had a residency there for six months and was advised by Adrian Walsh, the owner, to ring people up and sing into their answerphones to cheaply record himself. Instead, upon returning to Ireland Alan bought a home recording studio and set about writing his own material. Since then he has realeased 3 demos which have been featured twice in Hotpress magazine. He was also interviewed on Dublin's FM104 in August and had a track "The Tin Man's Lament" played, this being his first radio airplay.

Alan has been playing around Dublin since the end of 2004 with gigs in places ranging from the Forum Bar, UCD and Pravda to Bia Bar and a recent support show in January 2006 with Colm Quearney and the Hallucinations and Tadhg Cooke at the Sugar Club. He continues to write, record, perform, choreograph hot dance moves and generally pose around the place in the hopes that someone will take an iconic photograph that will be sold on e-bay for a crazy, crazy price one day! Alan Tully wants to prove that you don't really need money to live, just the sound of an audience getting pumped in a chilled out kinda way. But money would be nice too.
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