Alan Swanwick. Since Sept 2006. Based in Cork Singer/Songwriter | Folk | Ballad
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By the Wayside
Cocaine Cadilliac

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Alan Swanwick/vocal,guitar,songwriter
Tom Waits,Bob Dylan,Nick Cave,Johnny Cash,Neil Young,John Hurt

contact name:E. Gleeson
phone: 0876160966
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The music I write is simple and lyrical. It usually runs along themes of opposites, the good the bad, the high the low, the living the dying, dark and light. Each theme represents the extremes of life and is void of the middle i.e. putting on of shoes or the making of tea. I try to capture what's human - bits too big for a short day, bits too small for a long day. For myself, a song should whisper to those who listen and scream at those who don't. Songs should be a way of escaping things that malnourish us like politics, war, the renting of our hours. For dancing, he said music is my best friend but for listening I hear her words.

I have no belief or capacity to believe in the cold immoral race where good company is measured by horse power and the size of one’s plough, where every room is a stage full of fiction and bad actors all shouting in the same direction competing for nothing to believe in but their own selflessness. Beyond all this are the considered lowly, the helpless if you will, those not standing on the shoulders of giants, those not suckling from the mechanical tit, those not loyal to the corporate mother who, incidentally, tends to suffer from post natal depression and has all too often rejected her offspring. Like those considered lesser in the eyes of stature, I stand on my own two feet, face my own direction with nothing to compete with but my own time, mortality and sleeplessness.
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