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20 Bulls Each came into existence in 2002. Gar met Gav in a pub about a year before with the intention of forming a band. They promptly lost each others phone numbers and didn?t speak again for 10 months.

In the mean time Gav met a hairy drummer named Paul. They didn?t become friends at all and barely exchange cards at Christmas time.

Around this time Gar met an energetic bassist named Derek who likes to rock, get pierced and tattooed.

Somehow the foursome all met up and started making some noise in the form of Melodic Hardcore Punk.

20 Bulls Each are a band with a philosophy. A philosophy that involves
bringing a message to the people who are willing to listen. That all is not
what it seems in the world. With Influences from classic bands such as The Misfits, Minor Threat, Black Flag, Ramones to more modern groups like Faith No More, Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Raging Speedhorn and also from more sources such as Television, Film and even Stand up Comedy from Bill Hicks.

20 Bulls Each are based around the idea that music is not a collection of notes
placed in a particular order or scales and chord progressions but that music
is the physical representation of human emotion. Most of the time the human
state is that of uncertainty and doubt, and this are the the elements that
20BE draw from to create a type of Melodic Hardcore Punk Ireland has never

Raw and less-than-technically perfect, the music strikes and punches at the listener, hopefully letting them know that theres more to life than 9 - 5.
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