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He who pays the piper calls the tune... by Ron Healy, IrishUnsigned
Source (if any): http://www.irishunsigned.com

EGO - Your best friend or your worst enemy by Mark E. Waterbury
Source (if any): http://www.serge.org/musicmorsels.htm

Tips for maximising your studio experience by dubh
Source (if any): http://www.stoatmusic.com/things/php/user_system.php?action=view_resource&resource_id=267

CD v CD-R...? by egg_
Source (if any): http://www.stoatmusic.com/things/php/user_system.php?action=view_resource&resource_id=314

Taking The Independent Route - Setting Up An Independent Record Label by Angela Dorgan, Federation of Music Collectives
Source (if any): http://www.imro.ie/music_makers/pub4.shtml

What is copyright? by The IFPI
Source (if any): http://www.ifpi.org/site-content/copyrightcreativity/what_is_copyright.html

Digital Music and New Media : Legal Issues vs. Business Practices by Eli Wendkos, MusicDish.com
Source (if any): http://www.musicdish.com/

"Sampling and New Independent Dance Labels: The Importance of Understanding Copyright Law" by Jenna Bruce, Music Industry Law Correspondent, Northamptonshire, UK
Source (if any): http://www.musicjournal.org/02sampling.html

"The Complete Songwriter/Producer : An Antidote to Industry Short-termism" by Jonathan Little, Music Business Lecturer, Surrey, UK
Source (if any): http://www.musicjournal.org/02songwriting.htm

"Copyright and the Digital Distribution of Music" by David Moser, Music Industry Lawyer and Lecturer, USA
Source (if any): http://www.musicjournal.org/01digitalcopyright.htm

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