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CARUSO, 'The Watcher and the Comet' 4 Dame Lane 29/11/07
'Suddyn' Beck's Vier Revolver Showcase - 24/11/07 Radio City
Peggy Sweeney 24/11/07. Saint John's Theatre, Listowel
JADED SUN Eamonn Doranís 17/11/07
SUDDYN Radio City launch-gig 25/10/07
RAMPARTS Eamonn Doranís 07/08/08
Paul Hourican Aras Chronain, Clondalkin 09.06.07
National Student Music Awards final 260407 - The Village, Dublin
Suddyn Thursday March 1st 2007, Whelans (Phantasm)
Reemo (Rushiní Man Launch) Whelanís, Dublin. 18th January 2007
The Unknowns Whelans 6th November 2006
Hoarsebox Whelan's, Dublin. Oct 27th 2006
Lucera Radio City, 6th October 2006
Lotus Lullaby 11.05.2006 London
Travega Whelans 10/03/2006
Silent Conflict Templebar Music Center/14th Jan 2006
Star Belgrade Trades Club, Sligo 05/02/2006
The Ravines, Slick Hippies, Agent Orange Whelans
Skylight, Aether, [Lost] Whelans 03/11/05
Status Quo/Meatloaf 02/07/2005
Harry J & Downtown Crossing Half Moon Theatre, Cork, January 2005
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