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Lucera Radio City, 6th October 2006

I received a copy of the EP a few days before the gig and went along expecting a solid band. Unlike 'Pip', my great expectations were fully realised. I was met by a genuinely good band with a great sound and a solid setlist. The vocals never faltered, the guitar seemed to play to my very soul and the drums were never off time.

The overall impression was of a dependable band with a definite future in the business. The album itself could easily be described as a soundtrack for life.

However, there was one thing missing: spark. Lucera are a great band to listen to at home on a rainy day, but live . . . they lacked something. The warm up band, Orphan Code (a temporary name), while lacking the wonderful repertoire Lucera have, managed to grab the crowd. The lead singer, Rob (I never got his last name) was like a madman on stage - bouncing around and exciting the crowd. Whereas Lucera's lead man, Darren Timoney, seemed staid in comparison, the only people on the dance floor being his football mates drinking Miller and singing along out of tune.

Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed it. What they lack in 'sparkle' they make up for in their absorbing lyrics and melodies. Lead vocalist Darren Timoney may not be extremely charismatic but his voice has a raw power that breathes life into the lyrics like nothing I've ever heard before.

Lucera are an Irish band with a unique voice well worth listening to.

Review written by: Grace Larkin -- queennecromancer@yahoo.com

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