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Travega Whelans 10/03/2006

Travega are certainley making a name for themselves on the Dublin scene. Their Declan O'Rourke produced EP has had a lot of radio airplay and their last sold out show at Whelan's really got a buzz going.

So this reviewer thought she would pop along and see if they live up to this hype.

First to support was a singer songwriter named Simon Jewell. His blend of accoustic songwriting mixed with a soulfull yet powerful voice certainley got the night going. His standout track "burned" was definately a high point of the night and this reviewer was left lingering for more. Definately a sign the singer songwriter buzz in Dublin is still alive.

Then it was on to Vesta Varro. A band many have been tipping for glory. And their latest release "blue mirror boy" (produced by Nick Seymour) has certainley got alot of industry head's turning in their direction. But it's live that Vesta Varro show their true calling. Singer Damien Drea's stage anctics are certainley eye catching to say the least. Stand-out track "headlights" was also another highlight of the night. Vesta Varro certainley prove that they can exceed their studio work with the live performance's. Definately one to watch for.

And then onto the main act.
Travega are a band on the tip of many people's tongue's at the moment. As I look around the Whelan's crowd, I notice the place coming to capacity. Obviously I'm not the only person who has been hearing good thing's about them.

Musically they are excellent. A 6 piece band trying to find space on a small Whelan's stage is impressive and they certainley showed why they are a headline act. Stand-out track would have to be "something unexpected". Singer Andrew's vocal's raised above impressive guitar riff's certainley get the song going. And just as the crowd begin to cheer, it break's back in for another chorus. Impressive stuff.

All in all a great night of music. 3 Act's that certainly will go far and this reviewer went away humming song's from all 3 act's

Catch them all live if you can!!

Review written by: Aofie Traynor -- aoifetraynor06@hotmail.com

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