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Silent Conflict Templebar Music Center/14th Jan 2006

Silent Conflict have just emerged onto the Irish Metal scene and what a way to do it. From Start to finish this gig was utterly enthralling. From the opening "Watch Your Eyes Fall" from there debut E.P. through to a cover of Kilswitch Engages "Temple From The Within" they owned the stage a drew the crowd into their very heavy yet melodic set.

The bands aggressive rhythm section is both complemented by the guitars in the heavy sections and offset by their melodic and highly technical riffs in other parts. All this is complemented by the haunting and at times powerful keyboard sound. All together it adds up to an extremely tight and full sounding band with great potential. If this is the future of the Irish metal scene or the metal scene in general then we are in very capable hands.

Review written by: John Davis -- Vigan-t@mailcity.com

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