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The Ravines, Slick Hippies, Agent Orange Whelans

In whelans as usual on a sunday night.wasnt there to see any band in particular just there to get pissed with a couple of mates and rockers!
first band up

THE RAVINES - they were the first band up to grace the stage on the night and i think its safe to say they were also the best! me and my drunken posse are usually into the heavier side of music but these guys really rock!!! no 2 songs sounded the same and every one of them were amazing! they have 2 singers that dont look or sound like each other but they pull it off brilliantly, one on keyboards, the other playing the odd bit of guitar. totaly original. watch out for these guys ..theyre gonna be huge!!OVERALL 10/10

SLICK HIPPIES - an oasis-esque band called the slick hippies were up next. they had really catchy tunes that can keep a crowd tapping there feet although they did have 1 or 2 songs that seemed a bit too samey for my twisted gothic taste. still though, they do stick out as one of the better bands in dublin. Not usually my taste but a great band all they same. my mates were split 50/50 on to if they were good or not. they did have a really good stage presence to compliment theyre image and music. OVERALL - 7.25/10

AGENT ORANGE - I think i've seen these guys before somewhere. another one of the better bands in dublin again tho not heavy enough for my tastes. probably the lesser of the three bands on the night but still way above average in terms of rockability. their stage presance wasnt as good as the first 2 bands but one song in particular was absolutly amazing and really caught my attention. overall 7/10

another brilliant night in whelans. would have liked to see a heavy band there as well but was still one of the best band nights i've ever been at. all bands were top class with The Ravines really showing themselves as a band to be looked at as a future signing

Review written by: debra brady -- crazydaisy83@hotmail.com

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