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Status Quo/Meatloaf 02/07/2005

Meatloaf was the main artist at the Killarney Summerfest gig with Status Quo supporting. It should have been the other way round. Quo were rocking! As a casual fan, I didn't know some of the songs they played but it didn't matter, the atmosphere was great with the crowds clapping, singing and dancing for the whole time they were on stage (1 1/2 hours approx).

The atmosphere was totally different after the first few bars of Meatloaf's first song. The music was so loud it drowned out Meat's voice and he appeared to forget some of the words. The backing singers seemed to carry him for the whole show, especially the brunette. We had been centre stage near the front which was brilliant when Status Quo were on, but had to move once Meatloaf started in the hope that the sound got better.

We ended up standing near the exit to the refreshment tents. He sounded better from there bit was still disappointing. We left as soon as Bat out of hell finished along with most of the rest of the crowd not staying for the encore. A lot of people left after the first couple of Meatloaf's songs.

At least the weather was kind with the rain stopping before the show started. The sun even came out for a while. Overall the second night of the Killarney Summerfest was both great and disappointing.

I would definitely pay to see Quo again but NOT Meatloaf. We played the Bat out of Hell CD on the way home so that we could wipe out the bad image of the songs. In my humble opinion it appeared that Meatloaf's voice has gone. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing, but I doubt it.

Review written by: Moira Macpherson -- chatterboxmoira@eircom.net

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