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Harry J & Downtown Crossing Half Moon Theatre, Cork, January 2005

The anonymous reggae scene in cork has come alive in the last two years thanks to the work of bands like DTX ,as they are locally known. It must be said that many people are trying their hand in fusion of styles in the cultural capital but none to the level of Harry J and Co.

Vocally the man must be heard to avoid misrepresentation of his efforts. While delivering the soft but solid grooves on bass he sang lovers reggae in a uniquely comfortable style. The band are definitely the fusion aspect of the sound. Niamh Ryan (drum kit) bringing a style cross of samba and latino grooves held the line while doing harmonies with conga minimalist Tony "Cubby" Cuthbert and Derek Kelly rapping the necessary grooves while working the crowd as "jester" for the night.
Harmonised guitars compliments of Gareth a.k.a. Anonymous groove Gareth, and Scott McCarthy kept the reggae tradition alive with strong rhythm and lead mixes. Variation came also with Rory's keys allowing the blends of jazz and rock sit with the eternal vibe of reggae.

Currently resident in the Tikki Lounge they can be caught around Cork most nights of the week bringing what one can only describe as a cultured performance to your ears. Good vibes and good times. Check Them Out

Review written by: Rob Collins -- vedakoba@yahoo.com

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