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ALAN CAN'T PSLC 15/10/2004

Once the clock struck ten the bar was crawling with people salivating with the prospect of seeing Portmarnock's most innovative band.

The gig started with "lawnmower" and, like before, Cathal (Drums) went out and hit Stass (Vocals) with an inflatable mallet and introduced the show. The whole band looked funny that night, James (Bass) was dressed as a nordic viking, Damo (Guitar) a camp sailor and Stass an inbred superhero.

Was it any good? The crowd seemed to go for it in a big way, I even spoke to some people in the regular bar outside who wanted to come in a get a load of the crazy guys in the room next door. No one fills a house out like Alan Can't, even the barmen took a look at us play when they weren't busy with customers. The drummer explains that.. "We're like watching surgery, you may not agree with what you see, but you sure as hell can't take your eyes off it".

As a band, they rocked that place to its foundations, I'll go out on a limb and say that that place had NEVER seen a band like Alan Can't before.

Review written by: Alan Stacey -- alanstacey2003@hotmail.com

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