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The Chalets The Spirit Store, Dundalk

From the moment Pee Pee and Pony graced the stage we all knew it was going to be a night that would go down in Spirit Store history!

The Chalets are a Dublin band who innovation allows them to shine brightly against other darlings of the Irish music scene. With a set so tight it is hard to believe that they have yet to even record an album.

Pee Pee and Pony (as the two female vocalists like to be referred to), rose to the air of excitement with some hilarious onstage banter and some comedic antics. The night seemed to fly by as their trademark edgy infectious indie horror pop was beautifully set off by the respective xylophone and keyboard playing of the two P?s.

Their ingenious chorus ?I know you love me but you?re fucking crazy? being sweetly chanted brought a bemused smile to everyone?s face. They left the crowd gasping for more finishing with their single, ?Theme from Chalets? in immaculate timing.

Enda summed up the night remarking,
?Thank you, that was really fun!?
I could brandish their sound or pigeonhole them into specific genres- but when music is this much fun, who cares?

-Tia Clarke

Review written by: Tia Clarke -- tiadundalk@yahoo.co.uk

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