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Suddyn Thursday March 1st 2007, Whelans (Phantasm)

Whelans (Phantasm)
Thusday March 1st

Suddyn are an Irish-American group currently rocking the stage. Their lead singer, Alan Steil, a beefed up Duncan James look alike (member of former boy band Blue) dominates the stage. Their tracks began softly, the hushed tones of the piano leading into much harder and louder rock/pop sounds. His American accent gives the music a different feel to their contemporary Irish rivals. Upbeat music with a pounding rhythm with a Spanish twist care of their Irish drummer Brenny, the plaintive lyrics twining with his voice to become a wail begging for forgivness or offering no remorse.

Suddyn have a sometimes Radiohead sound (for the piano bits) which can be deceptive. His voice is a sweet deep heavily accented pleasure to listen to. The intelligent lyrics deal with everyday relatable subjects, egos, control and time slipping by. Unfortunately the music does become repetitive after a short time.

Even without this however, I would still recommend them. Although their set was short, probably due to the similarity between several tracks as much as fitting in bands(it was Phantasm after all), the charisma and showmanship of the lead singer held me awe struck.

Listening to them now they sound mediocre, listenable, but definitely with room to improve. But on stage, his hands flying over the keyboard, then suddenly jumping out of his seat and flopping around the stage Keith Richards/Axle Rose style, this band rock!

Like The Blizzards (whom incidentally they’ve played with), they exude an air of fun, not taking themselves tooooooo seriously, but aware that music should be entertaining, an audience goes to be entertained. While they have not yet reached the pinnacle from which The Blizzards currently sit if they continue in this manner they surely will. People tend to forget that “Rock and Roll is a prostitute, it should be tarted up”(Velvet Goldmine).

When their music can match the stage presence they will be a band to be reckoned with. As it is, go to their show, they’ll keep it short but sweet and you’ll have a great time.

Review written by: Grace -- reviews@irishunsigned.com

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