The Contraband No title
Track 1. "No direction" (?). Weird introduction, as if a guitar riff was lef ton the CD by accident, then almost like a cacophonous multi-instrument tune-up. On top of that, "No direction" seems to be written and played in a 3-4 Waltz time. However, doesn't sound bad. Sounds very like Beatles in the Sgt Peppers era, or Paul McCartney slightly later. Nice piano break at the end, and the song is surprisingly, and disappointingly, over before you know it.

Track 2. Introduction very reminiscent of Pink Floyd (For example, "Time" or other works from the same era). Also sounds a bit "Who"-like in the bridge into the chorus but minds will mostly turn to Pink Floyd for comparisons. The drums, when you pay attention to them, are nicely done but not obtrusive, especially in the instrumental breaks between verses and behind the chorus. Similar to the first track, the song is over almost before it's noticed but, conversely, leaves the listener wanting more. You might get the impression that the track was written (or at least produced) with the ubiquitous 3-minute radio world in mind and can at least look forward to the album version!
Review written by: Ron, IU --

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