Floyd Soul and the Wolf 'Welcome to the Woods'
Floyd Soul and the Wolf
'Welcome to the Woods'

Angela Macari- O'Looney

This creative and original four piece band just goes from strength to strength. Having clinched 1st prize at the 2008 National Student Music Awards at the The Village Wexford Street earlier this year, they recorded a new E.P 'Give it a chance'.

Riveted by the memorable melody-lines, charming lead vocalist and mesmerising performance at the awards, I endeavoured to obtain a c.d. recorded in 2006 from the gorgeous Luke Heffernan and felt compelled to express how much I enjoy listening to it.

I could have put money on them winning 1st place back in April, with that totally unique style they have, combining many different genres from Blue Grass to Rock with an unspoilt, uncomplicated beauty that gets you with every listen. You won't find a voice quite like that of the lead singer, Luke Heffernan (Floyd Soul himself) with this Neil Young style lightness in it. Each song has a story which he tells exceptionally well. Simon Merriman's baselines are so audible throughout every number and frame the picture beautifully, while Deano Moran adds all those spicy snippets of lead guitar and sweet harmonies and don't let's forget Ciaran Delaney with his drumming, lending just the right backdrop to the scene. Taking their influences from an amazing mixture of sounds which include The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Kings of Leon, Neil Young, Creedence Clearwater Revival, sex and wait for it! The wilderness, (not a band but the actual wilderness)!

You will have to look far before you'll find such honesty and devotion to true old fashioned Rock. This is a group of guys who play music they enjoy and you just have to like it or lump it!

'Talk on the Rocks'
With an easy going beat this melodic and really simplistic number begins with a rhythm guitar and a soft bass riff. Drums then come in and Luke goes into the verse with his distinctive voice. In the chorus all the guys sing and just enough harmony fills up the sound. This song has great lyrics and a slight sleepiness about it and yet there's a consistent beat that you find yourself clicking your fingers to. My little boy and I always join in with 'Oh darling get away from me'! A harmonica solo before the final chorus lends atmosphere to this gorgeous song.

'Cabin in the woods'
Track three on this album is really different to the rest of the songs. It has an old fashioned rock'n'roll style and the intro is upbeat. The verse has a creepy seductiveness about it with an invitation to the cabin in the woods. The melody is lovely, with rich chords and a perfect, but short lead solo making it my own favourite Floyd Soul song. I just love the way it gradually builds up from the sneaky little beat at the beginning, to a vibrant thumping rock beat towards the last chorus.
There are sweet 'ahs' behind Luke's voice in the chorus and after Deano's amazing solo where all the stops are pulled out with tantalising notes that you can't get enough of, you're brought back to the original slinky verse. The content of the lyrics change, making you prick up your ears to hear the end of the story. Now he's talking about a 'Castle in the mountains'! Mysterious and enchanting, with the sexiest guitar riff going on all the time, 'Cabin in the woods' gets played almost daily in my car.

'I am the Room'
Starting with a punchy kick-ass guitar riff, this is a brilliant track. One of my only criticisms of Floyd Soul is that they don't do enough of this fast moving, thumping material. They are so brilliant at it and it's what suits them. This song is just so alive and kicking with that riff going on throughout the whole track like a theme.

The harmony in the chorus is just right as in all of their numbers. This song reminds me of the late '60s/early '70s bands that were around when I was very young and my older sisters were bopping to The Rolling Stones, Crazy Horse, Bowie, and T-Rex down in Barton's nightclub and the Apartment, during the Boot boys and skinheads era.

A sweet guitar riff comprises the intro to this song, with what sounds to me like two guitars. It then it builds up to a real 'ee ha cowboy!' bluegrass sound. Similar to all of their songs, the theme guitar riff continues throughout. 'Stonewalkin' has a cheeky style that just increases its appeal. The rhythm speeds up and the harmony packed chorus reminiscent of the song 'Lay down Sally' has a real country feel to it.

Then you are taken to a completely different level for the middle eight with a slinky, choppy beat behind Luke as he sings 'Goodbye darlin', I'm going. Goodbye darlin', I'm going away! This is repeated and you are then taken back to the original country beat with the cheeky, cheerful riff and Luke sings a few little 'oohs' till it fades. Quite an old fashioned way to end a song! But special and enjoyable! He says a line 'I'm walkin' on the stones right now' while the guitar riff is fading and it almost sounds as if he's saying 'Look! I really mean it! I'm going!'

The success to date of this wonderful fun bunch of lads hailing from Waterford, speaks for itself. But personally, I and my 3 year old son have begun a love affair with the 'Floyd Soul' sound. More, more MORE!

Review written by: Angela Macari- O'Looney --

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