Floyd Soul and the Wolf 'GIVE IT A CHANCE'
Floyd Soul and the Wolf

I was there when this phenomenal band overwhelmed judges at the Bank of Ireland National Student Music awards. They won everyone over with more than just music. It was the whole package!
They are new! They are uncomplicated and most importantly they don't just stand there singing. They perform from the top of their heads down to their toes! That's the difference between a band bound for recognition or not.
'Give it a chance' was recorded with Nashville producer Thomm Jutz and is a new 'Floyd Soul' number with a twist. Although each and every song I've heard from them to date is special, there was a certain something that they didn't quite achieve to give them that edge you need to stand out. It's definitely here now!
To watch this success story as it is unfolding makes me feel very privileged indeed. This lovely number is simple but the melody and rhythm are appealing. It begins with a lively intro done on lead guitar. Deano plays a catchy riff and then Luke Heffernan lets out a whoop and goes straight into the verse. He has a unique type of voice. It's light and quite distinctive and a bit like the voice of Neil Young.
This engaging guy will not allow you to ignore him, with his ability to put the lyrics across and hit the notes in a way that it's the song that gets to be the star as it is presented with such style. This for me is a driving song only don't break the 60km speed limit on the M50 if you are listening to this track in your car!
Harmony is delicious. I love the key change in the middle eight. Song writing is obviously something this band has the knack of and they manage to design their cross genre numbers to suit their particular style, making you want to smile when you watch or listen to how together and compatible they are with each other.
Si Merriman plays bass as it should be played: like the heartbeat of the ensemble. Deano does his easy going and crisp guitar riffs and all four get involved in the singing.
Ciaran Delaney gives us the beats that are going to become the most critical advantage of this band's sound wherever they go. He's not drowning anyone out yet he gives a certain important ingredient to each and every song. Balance and a comfortable rhythm to clap and sing along to! All the t's are crossed and the i's dotted!
By the time you reach the final chorus of 'Give it a chance' you will be singing along with and you'll be humming it for ages afterwards. If that doesn't qualify it as a potential number one, I don't know what does!
I missed a recent gig they did in Dublin and after hearing this latest addition to their repertoire I'll be sure to catch them live a.s.a.p. Keep on Rockin' and well done lads!

Angela Macari - O'Looney
Review written by: Angela Macari - O'Looney --

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