Jerome's Law demo
Jerome's Law Demo

Having seen this band perform at the National Student Music awards, I've been drawn to their music. I asked if they'd send me a c.d. I feel quite familiar with the tracks since hearing two of them on My Space. Also two were included in the set that impressed N.S.M.A judges and led this band so close to winning on that amazing night back in April. Influences include bands such as XTC and Elliott Smith .They have been likened to Radiohead and The Kinks too. Adam's vocals are quite similar to that of Andy Partridge of XTC in certain places and there is simplicity in the song writing style of this band a little like that of Elliott Smith. But all of the ingredients that seem to go into the final sound only come to life through the talent they have in themselves.

The Stars beneath the parade – This is probably the song I'm most familiar with of the three on this demo.
Beginning with an up-beat drum intro from Donal O'Sullivan, then a sweetly sung verse it's sung by the velvety smooth voice of the lead singer Adam, who seems to have quite a vocal range as he effortlessly slides up to falsetto notes. Beautiful chords and a catchy melody line capture your attention until you are taken into a sensational guitar solo by Shane O'Neill.
The chorus with a delicious array of chord combinations and a gorgeous melody washes over you with perfect close harmonies, only just audible in the background.
For me a little riff going on throughout the whole number creates a catchy theme. Lively with loads of interesting changes, this song is simple but memorable and gets sweeter with each listen!

Kicking in the brain – With a delectably sweet verse and the most unforgettable minor and augmented chords this number is a masterpiece, involving extremely close harmonies and these ever so sexy slides up and down the frets of an acoustic guitar, to give it an impulsive feel. The chorus is more vibrant and you just fall in love with that melody and cheerful beat. Such perfectly combined chords, with spiciness a little like a Beatles or Kinks number but with a more contemporary kind of pluck, to appeal to the younger listener! The close harmony again in this song as in the previous one plays a very important part. Chords become choppy as it moves along and the dynamics build up to give it passion and drama.
Jerome's piano is wonderful as in all of the numbers that these lads perform. He plays cheeky riffs, confident glissandos and wonderful minor chords to great effect. The last chorus is dramatic with just one voice accompanied by the acoustic guitar softly played towards the end. It's just so sweet!

There's an unassuming quality to the musical style of this band. They seduce you with their seamless balance and original sound.
What I particularly notice on this c.d. is that no one instrument vies to drown out the others. Even the vocals are controlled to produce a nice blend where you can hear the harmonies, but only as the backdrop they were intended to be. This in itself can be quite difficult to achieve but every detail is considered, so that each song is a new experience.
The last number on this demo is probably my least favourite since it is slower than the other two and a little more subdued. It's called ‘Fight in the dark'. Somehow I enjoy the faster numbers more, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it is a well written and beautifully performed song.

It has an anthemic quality and starts with a lovely echo-effect lead guitar. It has a really appealing melody framed by wonderful riffs, one in particular that takes you into the second verse. This song is laid back but with sharp little changes here and there. For example a superb lead solo using distortion comes in, while Jerome infuses a gentle piano riff to fill the whole sound up.
Soulfully performed and haunting, this number finishes with a synthesized effect, the bass doing a little riff like a heartbeat. It's no wonder these guys never seem to stop gigging and were selected to appear on the forthcoming compilation ‘This is Garageland'. They have the ability to weave a web of magic that gets you caught up in it so you never tire of listening.

Angela Macari-O'Looney

Review written by: Angela Macari-O'Looney --

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