Dali 'BEFORE YOU THINK' (single)
New single

Four piece Indie/rock band 'Dali' lead by singer 'Deirdre Doyle' are having a busy 2008! With her gutsy 'Chrissie Hinde' voice she has an intoxicating style. With a sweet but very confident and crisp tone, she has it all! Already well on the road to success with a debut E.P. launch in 2007 behind them, 'DALI' have now launched their newest single 'BEFORE YOU THINK'!

As this number opens up you have a lovely anthemic but vital and fast guitar intro, which includes a memorable riff just before the sexy voice of Deirdre begins the verse. There's a sweet middle eight to take you into a gorgeously catchy chorus, loaded with changes and high notes to show off her range.

One daren't forget the other members of this gritty and IN YOUR FACE quartet. 'Brian Dempsey' performs bashing, throbbing rhythm and on bass, 'Micky Cullen' throws out just enough spicy riffs to tantalise you with his deep vibrant magic!

'Sean Doyle' also does a particularly memorable solo using gliding riffs and distortion. Then as Deirdre returns to the last chorus he does lots of intricate PLUCKY bits which is the secret ingredient with this band in my book. Then to create an impact, the lines of the last chorus are sung once again slowly, with a great DRAMATIC but sweet wind down to FINISH.

It's been said that this band have a 'Sonic Youth' style filtering through in their music. Wherever they get this wonderfully refreshing and new sound, it's good! 'DALI' command and maintain a devoted following and they now have a new fan in me!

Angela Macari-O'Looney

Review written by: Angela Macari-O'Looney --

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