SUDDYN 'Letting Go'
'Letting Go'


A review by Angela O'Looney

This moody, melodic and melancholic love anthem is performed in that unmistakable, unmatchable style produced by Suddyn. It's lovingly lamented by Alan Steil, as it hits the listener in a newer, fresher way than previous classics written by this tremendous group of guys!

Alan's beautiful piano intro is followed by a softly sung verse, while in the background a soft drum sounds a beat, almost like a heartbeat. This is barely audible, creating atmosphere. Then a more vibrant beat follows as bass comes in, then Jarret on lead guitar with a build up to a full CRESCENDO!

The chorus is dramatic, with a sense of vitality about it. I find this number quite different to the band's previous songs, without losing that special 'Suddyn' stamp. There is great depth of emotion in this performance by the wonderful quartet!

There's sweet harmony injected into each chorus, quite similar to the style of 'Brightest Star', however I think I prefer this song, personally!
No matter what this band create, one feels drawn in by their amazing magnet of talent, genius and flawlessly put together lyrics, riveting melody lines and sweetly infused variations.

There's a lovely distortion packed music break just before the second chorus, which is soulfully sung by one of the best vocalists I've experienced in a long time. Just something sad and unique in his portrayal of bittersweet love songs like this gets me every time!

As you are taken into the middle eight once again you are treated to a ballsy lead solo, followed by choppy chords, reminding you that this is a Rock Anthem! Despite sad and doleful lyrics you've got that perfect contrast that excites the senses as you listen, not to mention the fabulous piano providing romance.

In the final chorus, as in the previous ones there are a lot of dramatic STOPS! With gorgeous chords behind the vocals and vibey drumbeats, that distortion used on guitar and a total heightening of everything, to eventually wind down to the simple piano, sweetly accompanying Alan's final line. "A perfect finale"! Have to listen again to see if I missed anything!

It's difficult to put into words the beauty of this magical, punchy- but- nice song. In conclusion, as I often say when asked to describe the music of this band, 'You just have to hear it for yourself!' Like a fine wine, savour it in your own personal way. I guarantee you'll be back for more!
Review written by: Angela O'Looney --

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