THE FLAWS ACHIEVING VAGUENESS (Choice Music Prize nominee)

To see such youthful looking guys produce unmatchable and distinctive music, outstanding lyrics, sung with confident clarity and a sound that belongs right up there with U2, Aslan and any internationally acclaimed Irish band is most encouraging and all I can say for my part is ‘BRING IT ON’!
Echo-style laments, gorgeous anthemic chord combinations and unforgettable lead solos, are fluently performed and combine to give the listener a seamless perfection that makes you feel you are being personally serenaded. All that is good about Irish Rock music prevails once a band like ‘The Flaws’ who are so young, can hammer out a classic like ‘My Sharona’ by ‘Thin LIZZY’ so effortlessly and flawlessly!
‘Achieving Vagueness’ consists of ten memorable compositions, each with all the best ingredients.
NO ROOM - A thumping, plucky intro plus sweet sounding melody bring you into this number. Fabulous lead riffs, sensational choppy chords accompanying the verse, exciting and deliciously sexy, Paul Finn’s crisp clear voice cuts into the scene as you listen. Bass guitar by Dane Mcahon gives it dynamics! The sweet and cheerful constant echoic guitar notes, with distortion added just blow me away!
WINDMILL TALLENT –Softly, both guitars bring you into this song. Shane and Dane are for me what make this one. Of course without the velvet, romantic vocals of Paul this gorgeous classic would not be possible. I love how the chorus shows off his sweet, out- of – this world voice to great advantage! Lots of dramatic vibrant chords boost things up a little in the last chorus which slows to a gentle finish. Collin’s ever present and undeniably brilliant drumming shouldn’t go unnoticed since he frames each song with such outstanding and top beats.
OUT TONIGHT - With an addictive chorus, a fast lively beat and lovely little lead riffs going on throughout, kick-ass distortion injected and lots going on behind amazing vocals, this is one of my favourite numbers on this album. Definitely going to become an international hit, it’s got guts! Great thumping drums and a highly charged bit of lead in the middle it makes you picture driving along on a motorway or across the ‘Brooklyn Bridge’. It has this sense of anticipated excitement to get you up on your feet!
1981 – Has a charming up-beat tempo as a sweet guitar intro starts it off. The chorus is sad, with an appealing melody and a nice lead solo to bring you back to the soulful refrain of ‘In 1981’.

IDOLISE – Starting with a fast moving intro and going into the catchiest verse, followed by lots of new wavy, urgent sounding chords played on rhythm guitar, this is indeed one memorable and irresistible song.
Unshy drumbeats and distorted guitar chords/lead pump up the adrenalin here. The melody is undeniably original and you get a great sense of all the guys getting to shine here. This track has a well thought out and beautifully compact style and ends with a short sharp STOP!
SIXTEEN - An easy going, laid back song with a choppy and sweet melody, ‘Sixteen’ seems to be a favourite for everyone who hears it. It is one of mine, but I can’t really pick a favourite where this band is concerned. I could listen to them forever!
It has an Indie/ Pop ring to it and with all those addictive ingredients that are in every other track; lovely solos and sexy vocals on top of a catchy tune. It has CLASSIC written all over it!
YOU AND I – Lots of bass and beat to begin with you’re brought into a dramatic verse. The chorus is magic, with a sliding ‘I’ sung by Paul that is sooo sexy and lovely backing vocals giving it loads of atmosphere!
It’s just one of those unique numbers you’ll find unforgettable, with a kind of ‘Flaws’ signature to it. It’s got all of what’s enjoyable about their music rolled into it; making it my favourite by far. Fast moving, with delightful chords and melody line, I’m tongue tied searching for the right words of praise.
As with all songs on this moving and MUST LISTEN TO album, it has a chorus you’d sing along with in your car, while driving along.

Review written by: By Angela Macari -O’Looney --

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