Delorentos In Love With Detail (Choice Music Prize nominee)
Formed a little over 2 yrs ago, Delorentos are rising steadily and holding strong through constant indie gigging and the ability to captivate audiences wherever they play. Their energetic stage presence is translated gracefully onto ‘In love with details’, their debut album. Right from the first track ‘Any other way’, they steal you away from the comforts of your home (or car, or office...) and plant you right in the centre of the dance floor.

Influences drawn from such bands as The Cure and the Clash are apparent throughout the album, from their bombastic rhythm section, to the infectious vocals and trance inducing guitar work. Under all the catchiness and melodic hooks lies heart-ache and loneliness, as many of the songs’ lyrics dictate. Take a trip with the lyricist down memory lane in ‘Eustace Street’ as he begs the subject of his infatuation to ‘take, take anything- but leave my heart alone’.

Delorentos has honed their talents and taken their music to a whole new level. ‘In love with details’ is indie pop-rock at its best. Not only does their live performance ignite the dance floor, but their new album dares the listener to try and stop their uncontrollable foot tap while listening alone.

Sarah Ewart
Media Generalist
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Review written by: Sarah Ewart --

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