Delorentos 'IN LOVE WITH DETAIL' (Choice Music Prize nominee)


For me a devotee of The jam, The pixies and a mish-mash of 80ís sounds this album feels like a time-tunnel through yesteryear, only better because DELORENTOS offer the clear voice of Kier, thumping confident drumming skills of Ross, sexy bass riffs of Nial, Roís amazing harmonies and to complete this heady cocktail of musical nectars, original and unforgettable riveting lead solos by Ro.

This adventure comprises wonderfully contrasting sounds in each and every song and good meaningful lyrics. Precision, polish and perfection are the three Pís that give this band the edge.

'Any other Way' begins with a softly sung intro, very cold play! Beautiful guitar chords create a sweet love-song. Then BAM!
Youíre taken to a completely different level. A choppy up-beat verse with a thumping beat ensues followed by the chorus which is sung with some very close harmonies and backed by cheeky lead guitar riffs, played with the use of distortion.
Then without warning youíre taken back down to slow, soft romantic chords towards the end.

'Eustace Street' comprises a sweet yet up-beat lead guitar theme which makes the whole song for me. Fantastically sliding riffs and a gorgeous array of chords are played behind the flawless vocals of Kier. The chorus is sung in unison by the entire band giving a strong, full sound. This is a great beat for dancing to and I love Kierís diction which is very crisp and clear, incomparable with any lead singers Iíve heard for some time.

Stop. This number has a lovely choppy, melodic intro to bring you up to a galloping beat in the chorus. Harmony creates great depth of sound and thereíre lots of shouts of STOP! The guitar injects interesting little riffs throughout the whole song and the rhythm is constant and dynamic making it by far my favourite song on this album. A very nice use of minor chords at the beginning of each chorus, make one think itís a key change, which it isnít, creating a unique difference and inspiring interest.

Do You Realise. A catchy cheerful guitar intro brings u into this up-beat sweet and memorable number. The verse is sung by Kier with his distinctive and confident voice. Itís exciting, lending anticipation till you are taken into an even more riveting chorus, with plenty of close harmony and sharp choppy chords. Thereís a lovely guitar theme involved too as you go along and then youíve a gorgeous harmonic solo which definitely captures my imagination beyond words!

Hands off the Boy is fast-moving, lively and has brilliant lyrics and a catchy melody line. Thereís a great guitar build-up to the chorus which is easy to sing along to and some sweet lead solos and perfect chord combinations going on.
Along with wonderful harmonies and simplicity of notation, the style of this band is really out on its own and fills a void of tuneless music which exists in Ireland. More, more, more!

Leave it on has a nice chorus and staccato style of rhythm. The lovely guitar riffs going on behind the vocals give it loads of atmosphere and also involves some particularly sweet harmonies.

A lone guitar intro followed by slow vocals begins the delicious and memorable Eyes open. Slow and anthemic, this definitely makes me think of Chris Martin with a lament style and building up to big chords and lots of bass and thumping drums. It finishes with the lone guitar once more. Beautiful!

Basis of everything is fast moving with a catchy lead intro and that theme continuing into the verse and coming through, throughout the whole number. Definitely a Paul Weller ring to this one, with lovely close harmony, then alternating with a slightly slower middle eight to bring you back in with thumping drums, thereís a weirdsy crazy sound effect used then itís back to the last chorus. I canít leave out the lead solo which is outstanding. This wonderful rollercoaster ride has a crisp, clear, clean FINISH!

The Rules. Starting with an enjoyable verse, this would be my second favourite song. That rapid, energetic rhythm that seems to constitute the style of most of this bandís songs draws you in. The beautifully explosive chorus with a slowdown for the middle eight gets you ready for a return to that systematic choppy beat again to get you up on your feet! Lots of distortion in the guitar gives a ballsy rock feel to things. Plenty of sexy riffs and alternating of beat with such an original, addictive melody makes me feel alive and on top of the world. This band is better than any smoothie to wake me up in the morning or any time of the day for that matter!

In love with detail has three other sweet and equally magical songs bringing the total to 12. 'Waiting', fast as lightening much like most of the previous tracks has cheeky short sharp chords and gorgeous little riffs going on constantly behind Kierís vocals and 'Until the next time' which is actually quite similar. Finally thereís the last song,' Idle conversation' which has great lyrics and a fun, lively beat as is the trend of Delorentoís entire repertoire!

Angela Macari-OíLooney
Review written by: Angela Macari-OíLooney --

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