Dry County 'UNEXPECTED FALLS' (Choice Music Prize nominee)

Combining techno-genius, awe-inspiring lyrics, exploiting any and every means of creating sound rhythm and melody seems to be the forte of this crazy, colourful group of musicians. Melancholic love-songs develop into amazing kaleidoscopic eruptions of innovative and inventive music filling your ears till you start to become almost swallowed up by it all!

As you listen you find yourself wondering what instrument is that, (if in fact its a musical instrument at all?) With a splash of 'Bjork' and a tincture of 'Nine Inch Nails', a large shot of 'Radiohead' and whatever youre having yourself, eh voila! 'Dry County' at your service!
Trent Zenor? Eat your heart out ‘because weve got our own home-grown band who have taken just enough of this and enough of that to whet the appetite of any alternative music junkie!
Attention- This is a strong, IN YOUR FACE number with lots of bass, a lovely melody and lead guitar does a few really nice riffs. Theres a great thumping beat in the last chorus and the sound of a choir of voices shouting out in unison in the background which actually remind me of that song, 'Brick in the Wall' by Pink Floyd. I love to hear voices belted out like this. It makes you want to know what theyre saying so you can shout it out too! I particularly like the constant music theme that goes on behind the whole song and the choppy, sexy beat that builds up. Yes! IM IN!
Take the stairs begins with a single rhythmic note and nice easy-going beat. Catchy use of snare and cymbals gets your feet tapping to this number. That little note, ongoing throughout the softly sung lyrics keeps the whole thing together. The chorus 'Dont waste a Day' is performed with an echoey ring to it which is soothing on the ear and the melody is sweet and memorable.
Standing at 42 is done with a dramatic keyboard intro, using augmented chords to give a weird feel to things. It speeds up for the verse which is sweet and catchy. Magic and mysterious, this number has a very appealing cocktail of sounds going on. A bass effect just before the chorus gives drama to the scene. Kevin sings the repetitive-style chorus backed by Phil and Stuart. A gorgeous heavenly harmony is sung just before the end. I like this enormously!
An Array of Davids- Haunting slow and eerie, this song begins with Kevin singing, accompanied by lead guitar then it develops a beat. You hear a big resounding drum, then theres a music break, just before the chorus. Its a very hushed style of singing. Its laid back with a lovely soft backing vocal, creating dimension and depth.

Delayed by 5 I love the melody of this number. With a sweet piano and beautiful harmony its the kind of music to listen to with a glass of your favourite wine, a scented candle and nothing to distract you from the mood. However, it does pick up and some really curious sound effects keep you on your toes. It definitely plays with your head a little till youre finally led out of your reverie, to a VERY SUDDEN SHUTDOWN!
Edit Makes Right – An easy going intro with pleasant chords takes you into the verse which is done using an echo-effect. A lovely refrain sung behind lead vocals fills this number out and a catchy chord combination is constantly being played, to prepare your palate for more weird tastes, textures and experiences which await you around each bend of the road you take, when you listen to the music of Dry County!
A gorgeous music break includes a galloping beat, soothing chords and soon youre into the verse softly sung by Kevin and a lovely chorus of voices singing in unison one minute then in harmony the next keeps you listening for any new surprises that might lie in store!
As I listen to this album I find myself at a disadvantage since there are so many unusual instruments used. From their site on My Space, I learnt that one particularly pretty sound was created by an Auto Harp. Wow! Never heard of this one but I definitely noticed it in there. Mellotron, Microkorg and a lot of home made percussion instruments were invented to develop the sounds and rhythms in this album.
Stop, Proceed A weird intro, followed by lovely guitar begins this particularly special journey. Then for a change, a sweet melodic verse with a tick- tock type of beat goes on. This song is probably the most 'normal' of all the numbers on this album.
Thats not saying its boring but quite the opposite. Its probably MY favourite and definitely has the most impressionable chorus with close harmonies, changes of tempo here and there and just the right amount of everything to give it balance!
A fabulous harmonious intro to Where has every one gone, with a sustained chord played on keyboards builds this number up to a pleasant easy-going tempo. This has a catchy melody and is short and sweet!
I cant fault it. It definitely gets the thumbs up from me!

Another Idea has this distorted sound throughout, but has a nice chorus. It shows off the sweet, musical voice of Kevin Littlewood.
With nothing left has a fast pace and would be the type of song Id enjoy driving along to. The lead guitarist gets to shine here! With a nice combination of vocals, powerful drums and lots of energy injected, this song is compact and probably one of my favourites.

Listening to 'Dry County' is an unforgettable experience. They have mastered the art of giving a unique and long-lasting magic to everything they create. You feel the amount of effort and to quote them 'blood, sweat and tears' that has gone into this wonderful album!

Angela Macari-OLooney

Review written by: Angela Macari-OLooney --

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